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6.4 Mil -ESD Moisture Barrier Bags

MBB64ESD Moisture Barrier Bag is 6.4 mil or 162 micron in total thickness, its heat sealable, electro static protective, moisture protective multi-layer laminated material for ESD safe and moisture barrier packaging. It is specifically designed for "dry packaging" of moisture-sensitive electronic components.

This moisture barrier bag is constructed using 3 layers, Polyester, Aluminium & Polyethylene and is designed to provide protection for ESD sensitive and moisture sensitive electronics by vacuum sealing the components inside the bag with desiccant and a humidity indicator card, the devices are therefore protected from moisture and static damage.

Bags are available as industry standard sizes or can be made to customer order, anything from 4” x 6” up to 30” x 29.5”.

Typically Packed in 100’s for smaller sized bags. Larger size bags packed in either 25’s or 50’s. Please ask.

Hotfoil stamped (Yellow) with ESD and moisture warning symbols, and a lot code for traceability

Leadtime from receipt of Order/Payment = 5 – 10 working days

Manufactured in Dublin Ireland.

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